Local Planning Panel


Thursday, 04 March 2021



Council Chambers, Civic Centre, Hurstville












Panel Members:


Mr Paul Vergotis (Chairperson)

Mr Milan Marecic (Expert Panel Member)

Mr Michael Leavey (Expert Panel Member)

Mr Erin Sellers (Community Representative)





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2.                PUBLIC SPEAKERS


The meeting commenced at 4.05pm and at the invitation of the Chair, registered speakers were invited to address the panel on the items listed below.


The public speakers concluded at 4.25pm and the LPP Panel proceeded into Closed Session to deliberate the items listed below.




LPP001-21        Mortdale RSL Planning Proposal - 19 -25 Macquarie Place and 46-56 Pitt Street, Mortdale

(Report by Strategic Planner)


The Panel carried out an inspection of the site and nearby locality.




●       Adam Burns (applicant)


Voting of the Panel Members

The decision of the Panel was unanimous.


That the Georges River Local Planning Panel acknowledged the important role and function that the RSL provides to the community and recommends to Council that the Planning Proposal not progress to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for a Gateway Determination, for the reasons summarised below:


1.   The Planning Proposal lacks strategic merit at this time:

i.    It does not have regard to the cumulative impact of the increases to planning controls, especially in terms of infrastructure, traffic and development feasibility in the Mortdale Local Centre.

ii. Proceeding with the planning proposal would result in an ad hoc planning approach, as Council’s place-based master planning process of the Mortdale Local Centre will not be finalised as a draft before mid-2021.


iii.  It seeks a B4 Mixed Use zoning which competes with the two designated B4 Mixed Use centres in Georges River and is not consistent with the classification nominated by the South District Plan and Council’s endorsed Commercial Centres Strategy – Part 1.


2.   The Planning Proposal lacks site specific merit as:

i.    The proposed development controls that seek to increase the maximum building height from no height and 12m to 45m (equivalent to twelve storeys) and increase density from 1.5:1 and 1.0:1 to 3.5:1 are out of context and would result in significant adverse impacts on the adjoining residential properties, including overshadowing and visual impacts

ii.   It will set a precedent for other B2 Local Centres to request a B4-Mixed Use zoning, leading to inconsistency with the hierarchy set out in the Commercial Centres Strategy Part 1.

iii.  The proposal does not provide adequate consideration of buildings treatment at the street edge, traffic and parking issues

iv.  The proposed development demonstrates a poor response to the context of the subject site and its locality due to the proposed built form and scale.

v.   The excessive bulk and scale of the proposed development is not justified on this site

vi.  The proposed development remains significantly out of context with any existing or approved development within and adjoining the Mortdale Local Centre.


3.    The Planning Proposal provides a VPA offer which fails to address the infrastructure requirements needed to support the proposed changes in land use.  A VPA offer would need to fully consider the physical, social and monetary requirements of any proposed developments.


4.   That Council write to the applicant to advise of Council’s decision.


5.   That Council advise the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment of its decision.


The Panel encourages the RSL Club to work with Council to refine their redevelopment plans and strategy for the site having regard to the master planning process underway for the Mortdale Centre.



LPP002-21        Post Exhibition report and adoption of the Georges River Development Control Plan

(Report by Manager Strategic Planning)



●       Mounzer Mortada (architect)


Voting of the Panel Members

The decision of the Panel was unanimous.


That the Georges River Local Planning Panel resolves to defer the item for fourteen (14) days to allow the Panel to thoroughly consider the report and supporting documentation to enable a determination under the Section 3.43 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and in accordance with Clause 21 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 at which time the item will be resolved via an electronic determination by the Panel constituted on 4 March 2021.






The meeting concluded at 5.00 pm





Paul Vergotis



Milan Marecic

Expert Panel Member





Michael Leavey

Expert Panel Member


Erin Sellers

Community Representative