Local Planning Panel


Thursday, 29 October 2020



Georges River Civic Centre,













Panel Members:


Mr Paul Vergotis (Chairperson)

Mr Michael Leavey (Expert Panel Member)

Mr John Brockhoff (Expert Panel Member)

Mr Cameron Jones (Community Representative)






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2.                PUBLIC SPEAKERS


The meeting commenced at 4.01pm and at the invitation of the Chair, registered speakers were invited to address the panel on the items listed below.


The public speakers concluded at 4.05pm and the LPP Panel proceeded into Closed Session to deliberate the items listed below.




LPP055-20        Planning Proposal 2021 - Amendment to Georges River Local Environmental Plan 2020

(Report by Strategic Planner/Urban Designer)


The Panel carried out an inspection of the Narwee area and Ramsgate area.




No speakers were registered for this item.


Voting of the Panel Members

The decision of the Panel was unanimous.



The Panel notes the work prepared by staff and appreciates the reports and guidance provided.


The Panel reiterates its recommendation made on 26 June 2020 regarding the need for additional open space in the northern portion of the Local Government Area and encourages the Council to continue to pursue and investigate all opportunities to provide such open space including the provision of additional land in the vicinity of Peter Lowe Reserve.


The Panel is also of the opinion that further strategic documentation should be provided justifying any decision to rezone any series of properties adjacent to the Reserve.


Council is therefore encouraged to undertake appropriate strategic analysis to justify the rezoning of the 6 lots (11-21 Monaro Avenue, Kingsgrove) through voluntary sale or by compulsory acquisition means.


1.   THAT the Georges River LPP (LPP) recommends to Council that the Planning Proposal to amend the Hurstville Local Environmental Plan  2012 and Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012 (or if gazetted, Georges River Local Environmental Plan 2020) as follows be forwarded to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for a Gateway Determination under Section 3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979: 


a) Amend the Land Zoning Map to rezone the Narwee Housing Investigation Area from R2 Low Density Residential to a combination of R3 Medium Density Residential and R4 High Density Residential


b) Amend the Lot Size Map to increase the minimum subdivision lot size: 

i.         in the proposed R3 Medium Density Residential from 450sqm to 800sqm; and 

ii.        in the proposed R4 High Density Residential from 450sqm to 1,000sqm; 


c) Amend the Height of Buildings Map to: 

i.         increase the maximum building height in the proposed R4 High Density Residential from 9m to 13m (Narwee HIA). The increase in height in the R4 zone (Narwee HIA) from 12m to 13m in order to assist in achieving ADG compliance, obviating the need for variations to the height control and to deliver compatible built form outcomes as illustrated by Figure 12 of this report; 

ii.        amend the maximum building height applied at 33 Dora Street, Hurstville from 30m to 15m; and 

iii.       amend the maximum building height applied at 199 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate from 21m to 15m and 21m in accordance with the existing split zoning; 


d) Amend the Floor Space Ratio Map to: 

i.         to increase the maximum floor space ratio in the proposed R3 Medium Density Residential from 0.55:1 to 0.7:1 (Narwee HIA); 

ii.        to increase the maximum floor space ratio in the proposed R4 High Density Residential from 0.55:1 to 1:1 (Narwee HIA); and 

iii.       amend the maximum floor space ratio applied at 199 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate from 2.5:1 to 1.5:1 and 2.5:1 in accordance with the existing split zoning; 


e) Amend the Land Use Tables of zones R3 Medium Density Residential and R4 High Density Residential to include ‘manor houses’ and ‘multi dwelling housing (terraces)’ as land uses in ‘3 Permitted with consent’; and 


f) Amend Clause 4.1B Minimum lot sizes and special provisions for certain dwellings to include: 

i) minimum lot size of 800sqm for manor houses; 

ii) minimum lot width of 18m for manor houses; 

iii) minimum lot size of 800sqm for multi dwelling housing (terraces); and 

iv) minimum lot width of 21m for multi dwelling housing (terraces). 


2.   THAT an Alteration to Gateway be prepared and reported to the Georges River Local Planning Panel constituted on 26 June 2020 for its consideration following the completion of the Biodiversity Study and the Foreshore Scenic Character Review to amend this Planning Proposal to reflect an updated policy position on the Foreshore Scenic Protection Area (FSPA) resulting from the outcomes of the LGA-wide Biodiversity Study and the Foreshore Scenic Character Review.


3.   THAT a report to Council be prepared to advise of the LPP recommendations. 








The meeting concluded at 5.55 pm






Paul Vergotis



John Brockhoff

Expert Panel Member








Michael Leavey

Expert Panel Member


Cameron Jones

Community Representative