Assets and Infrastructure Committee


Monday, 10 February 2020



Ground Floor, Georges River Civic Centre











Council Members

Councillor Sandy Grekas (Chair), Councillor Colleen Symington, Councillor Sam Elmir, Councillor Lou Konjarski and Councillor Nancy Liu and Councillor Warren Tegg.

Council Staff

Director Assets and Infrastructure - Mr Laurie O’Connor, Executive Manager Engineering Operations - Mr Andrew Latta, Executive Assistant - Ms Tania Martin and Executives Services Officer – Mr Neil Treadwell.



Councillor Grekas, opened the meeting at 7.04 pm.

Acknowledgement of Country

Councillor Grekas acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land, the Biddegal people of the Eora Nation.

Apologies/Leave of Absence  

There were no apologies or requests for leave of absence.

Notice of Webcasting

The Chairperson, Councillor Grekas, advised staff and the public that the meeting is being recorded for minute-taking purposes and is also webcast live on Council’s website, in accordance with Section 4 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.  This recording will be made available on  Council’s website.

Disclosures of Interest

There were no disclosures of interest made.

Public Forum

There were no registered speakers.

Confirmation of Minutes of previous meetings

Assets and Infrastructure Committee -  9 December 2019

RECOMMENDATION: Councillor Tegg and  Councillor Symington

That the Minutes of the Assets and Infrastructure Committee held on 9 December 2019, be confirmed.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous





 Committee Reports

ASS001-20       Hurstville Oval Pavilion Feasibility Study

(Report by Manager, Project Delivery)

RECOMMENDATION: Councillor Elmir and Councillor Konjarski

(a)    That Council receive and note the Hurstville Oval Pavilion Feasibility Study prepared by Webber Architects who has been engaged to prepare the designs for the pavilion.

(b)    That Council approves the location of Option 2 as the site for the new Hurstville Oval Pavilion.

(c)    That the Feasibility Study be made available to the public with the Minutes of this Meeting.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous



ASS002-20       Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting - 4 February 2020

(Report by Coordinator Traffic & Transport)

RECOMMENDATION: Councillor Tegg and Councillor Symington

That the recommendations contained within the minutes of the Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting held on 4 February 2020 be adopted by Council.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion:  Unanimous



At this point of the meeting Councillor Grekas noted that this was Director Laurie O’Connor’s last Assets and Infrastructure Committee Meeting before his retirement.  Councillor Grekas on behalf of the Committee expressed the Committee’s sadness to hear of Laurie’s retirement. The Committee is very grateful for all of Mr O’Connor’s advice and his level-headedness.  Laurie’s good humour and his extensive knowledge have been of great assistance to the Councillors on the Committee. On behalf of the Assets and Infrastructure Committee members, Councillor Grekas wished Mr O’Connor all the very best for the future.

Mr O’Connor thanked Councillor Grekas and the Committee members.




The Meeting was closed at 7.20pm




Councillor Grekas