Environment and Planning Committee


Monday, 11 February 2019



Georges River Civic Centre






Council Members

Councillor Con Hindi (Chair), Councillor Leesha Payor, Councillor Nick Katris, Councillor Vince Badalati, Councillor Rita Kastanias (arrived at 7.06pm), Councillor Christina Wu, Councillor Stephen Agius, Councillor Kathryn Landsberry

Council Staff

Director Environment and Planning - Ms Meryl Bishop, Manager Development and Building, Mr Ryan Cole, Executive Assistant to the Director Environment and Planning, Ms Leanne Allen.



Councillor Hindi, opened the meeting at 7.04pm.

Acknowledgement of Country

Councillor Hindi acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land, the Biddegal people of the Eora Nation.


There were no apologies.

Disclosures of Interest

There were no disclosures of interest made.

Public Addresses To The Meeting

There were no registered speakers.

Minutes of previous meetings

Environment and Planning - 03 December 2018

Recommendation:   Councillor Vince Badalati and Councillor Katris

That the Minutes of the Environment and Planning held on 03 December 2018, be confirmed.

Record of voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous









Committee Reports

ENV001-19       Kogarah North Public Domain Plan

(Report by Senior Strategic Planner)

Recommendation:   Councillor Katris and Councillor Agius

(a)     That Council endorse the Kogarah North Public Domain Plan (December 2018, Revision G) as a Strategic Planning document:


i.   that will inform the preparation of the new Georges River Contributions Plan and Planning Agreement Policy.


ii.  that will inform advice to applicants on Council’s requirements for public domain works in the Kogarah North Precinct.


(b)     That the Kogarah North Public Domain Plan informs the list of public domain works in the Kogarah North Precinct for the purposes of negotiating Voluntary Planning Agreements.


Record of Voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous



ENV002-19       Summary of Development Applications Lodged and Determined - October-December 2018

(Report by Manager Development and Building)

Recommendation:   Councillor  Badalati and Councillor Katris

That Council receive and note the Summary of Development Applications Lodged and Determined report for the second quarter of the 2018/2019 financial year being October – December 2018.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous



ENV003-19       Tree Management Policy

(Report by Manager Environment Health & Regulatory Services)

Recommendation:   Councillor  Katris and Councillor Badalati

That Council defers the endorsement of this policy for a further report to a future Council meeting which addresses and incorporates the following matters:

(a)    The Tree Management Policy is to incorporate a unified definition for a tree, based on an appropriate definition that may be contained the most relevant Australian Standard , irrespective of what is contained any of the previous Councils DCP’s. The relevant DCPs will be required to be amended to include the revised definition.

(b)    The review panels, for street tree matters and tree permit applications are to include the three ward Councillors in which the tree is located, along with the three senior staff that are indicated in the report.

(c)    The General Manager seek Senior Counsel advice proficient on tree management issues , in the Land and Environment Court, on mechanisms that are available to Council to enable Council to introduce Security Payments and Refundable Bonds on trees located on both private and public lands during the construction of any structure. The advice must include details on how these are to be implemented, how the refund process is to operate, suggested clauses that could be included in the Conditions of Development Approval that indicate that the Bonds will be totally or partially forfeited if there is any damage to an individual tree and the Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued unless an Arborist confirms, in writing, that the trees have been maintained in a healthy condition during construction. The Senior Counsel’s attention is to be drawn to the fact that other Councils such as the City of Sydney, North Sydney and Botany Bay, all impose Tree Preservation Bonds for trees that could be affected during the Construction Process.

(d)   The General Manager  prepare a report for Council  that outlines  the most accepted methods of Tree Valuation (and details of these methods), undertakes an analysis of the methods in relation to the impacts on our community  and recommends an appropriate tree value for incorporation in the  Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule.   

Record of Voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous



ENV004-19       Minutes of the Economic Development Advisory Committee 9 October and 19 November 2018

(Report by Economic Development Officer)

Recommendation:   Councillor Agius and Councillor Wu

That Council adopts the recommendations contained within the minutes of the Economic Development Advisory Committee meetings held on Tuesday 9 October and Monday 19 November 2018.  

Record of Voting:

For the Motion: Unanimous



The Meeting was closed at 7.18pm