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Tuesday, 15 May 2018




A meeting of the Major Events Advisory Committee will be held at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 in the River Room, Georges RiverCivic Centre, corner Dora and MacMahon Streets for the consideration of the business available on Council’s website at




Rebekah Schulz

Acting Director Community and Culture






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Tuesday, 15 May 2018



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MINUTES: Major Events Advisory Committee - 16 April 2018


Council Reports

MAJ006-18        Major Events Advisory Committee Meeting 15 May 2018

(Report by Coordinator Events and Sponsorships)................................................. 2   

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Council Reports

Item:                   MAJ006-18        Major Events Advisory Committee Meeting 15 May 2018 

Author:              Coordinator Events and Sponsorships

Directorate:      Community and Culture

Matter Type:     Council Reports





(a)     That Council approves the recommended strategic direction,  desired outcomes and community benefits for Council’s major events (Magic of Christmas at Carss Bush Park, Australia Day Festival and Lunar New Year Festival) as recommended by the Major Events Advisory Committee (MEAC).


Executive Summary

1.      At the Major Events Advisory Committee (MEAC) meeting on Tuesday 15 May 2018, council staff will facilitate a strategic planning session aimed at identifying the desired outcomes and community benefits arising from Council’s major events, which will inform and prioritise the allocation of the approved budget for Major Events.

2.      To achieve this, the following areas will be discussed:

a)   Feedback from previous events,

b)   Benefits of Council’s major events for the many groups and individuals across our LGA,

c)   Priorities for each major event.



3.      As per Council’s adopted Events Strategy 2018-2020 (the Strategy), Council’s goal is to review existing events and improve the calendar of events for Council run and supported events to achieve a balance between social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits.

4.      Events play a significant role in the liveability, economy and overall image of the Georges River area. Events range from small functions with a single focus to large, complex experiences involving thousands of people. Regardless of size or purpose, events have many requirements including risk management, securing of approvals, and transparency and probity in the allocation of support and resources. Together these work towards ensuring community safety, equity, community satisfaction and a successful event.

5.      Council plays a variety of roles to enable successful local events. Council may fund and run events in their entirety, contribute in-kind or provide financial assistance, or simply regulate or approve community-run events. Council currently manages, supports, sponsors, approves or provides assistance to over 120 events each year.

6.      The objective of the Events Strategy is to gain optimal benefits for the Georges River community via successful and sustainable events. These benefits include:

a.   Social - Opportunity to actively participate in community events; and create a sense of belonging.

b.   Cultural - Celebration of cultural identity, expression, enrichment and local pride.

c.   Economic - Injection of new funds into community with a multiplier effect of the tourism dollar.

d.   Environmental - Opportunity to promote sustainability and educate community and event organisers.

7.   Council’s initiation, facilitation and support for events can contribute to achieving our long term social, environmental, economic and civic leadership strategic objectives. These support the broader aspirations of our community as presented in the draft Georges River Community Strategic Plan (currently on public exhibition). They also provide an opportunity for Councillors and Council staff to actively connect with individuals, community groups, and businesses that make up the local area.

8.      Event budgeting, planning and reporting needs to be transparent and timely. To achieve success, detailed planning for each major event needs to commence in June 2018.

9.      In order to begin planning for the 2018-2019 major events, Council officers seek feedback on the upcoming major events and strategic priorities of the Major Events Committee.


Financial Implications

10.    No budget impact for this report.


Community Engagement

11.     Community engagement was conducted via online survey’s post each event as well as part of the development of the Georges River Council Events Strategy 2018-2020.


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