Traffic Committee



Tuesday, 07 November 2017



Councillor L Konjarski (Chairperson)

Mr G Moody (Manager Infrastructure)

Sergeant F Gaal (St George Local Area Command)

Senior Constable A Chu (St George Local Area Command)

Mr N Kocoski (Roads and Maritime Services)

Mr G Perivolarellis (Representing Mr S Kamper, MP State Member for Rockdale)

Mr P Croft (Coordinator Traffic and Transport)

Ms S Selim (Senior Traffic Engineer)

Mr S Lindsay (Assistant Traffic Engineer)

Mr P Seymour (Assistant Traffic Engineer)



Mr C Minns, MP (State Member for Kogarah)

Mr J Dib, MP (State Member for Lakemba)

Mr M Coure, MP (State Member for Oatley)

Disclosure of Interest


Minutes of previous meetings

Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting - 17 October 2017


That the Minutes of the Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting held on 17 October 2017 , as previously made available to each Councillor, be adopted.

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

Agenda Items

TAC135-17       Boundary Road, Mortdale - Proposed Upgrade of Pedestrian Refuge

(Report by Traffic Engineer)


(a)     That the existing pedestrian refuge in Boundary Road at the intersection of Woronora Parade, be reconstructed and appropriate signage and line marking be installed, in accordance with the design, as shown on plan TC1632 attached to the report.

(b)     That the adjacent properties be notified of Council’s decision.


TAC136-17       Allawah Train Station Carpark, Allawah - Proposed "No Stopping" Zone

(Report by Trainee Assets Engineer)


That a “No Stopping” zone be installed near the entrance to the Allawah Train Station carpark, as shown on the plan TC 1630 attached to the report.



TAC137-17       Hurstville Public School and Other Nearby Schools Traffic Study findings.

(Report by Senior Traffic Engineer)


(a)     THAT the Traffic Committee review and approve the mitigating measures within Georges River Council LGA as presented by Bitzios Consulting in their traffic study for Hurstville Public school and other nearby schools.

(b)     THAT Georges River Council traffic section write to Bayside Council, RMS and Punchbowl Buses in regards to the mitigating measures that fall within their jurisdiction, requesting that they review and implement these measures.


TAC138-17       Ormonde Parade, Hurstville - Proposed Parking Restriction Changes

(Report by Trainee Assets Engineer)


That the six existing “1P, 8.30am – 3.30pm Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 12.30pm Sat” spaces on the southern side of Ormonde Parade, Hurstville be changed to “1P, 7.30am – 3.30pm Mon – Fri, 7.30am – 12.30pm Sat”, as shown on plan TC1629 attached to the report.


TAC139-17       Barnards Avenue, Hurstville - Proposed "Work Zone'

(Report by Trainee Assets Engineer)


(a)     That a 12m “Works Zone, 7am – 5pm, Mon – Sat” be installed on the northern side of Barnards Avenue, Hurstville adjacent to number 24, for a period of 16 weeks commencing 23 October 2017, as shown on plan TC1631 attached to the report.

(b)     That the parking be returned to its current status at the completion of the “Works Zone” period.


TAC140-17       Austral Street Penshurst - Request to extend existing Bus Zone

(Report by Senior Traffic Engineer)


(a)     THAT the existing Bus Zone outside 17-19 Austral Street, Penshurst (number 222289) be extended to measure 25 metres in length

(b)     THAT the time restriction of the above mentioned Bus Zone be changed to be “6.00am-10.00pm Mon-Fri, 6.00am-7.30pm Sat and Sun”.

TAC141-17       Littleton Street Riverwood - Request to block three car parking spaces for the 2017 Remembrance Day Service

(Report by Senior Traffic Engineer)


(a)  That the Riverwood Sub-Branch of Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen & Women's request to temporarily reserve three (3) car parking spaces in Littleton Street, Riverwood outside the Riverwood Legion & Community Club for the Remembrance Day Service on Saturday, the 11 November, 2017 be approved.


(b)  That the standard fees and charges as per Council’s 2017-2018 Schedule of Fees & Charges be waived for the proposed occupation of Littleton Street, Riverwood on Saturday, the 11 November, 2017.


(c)  That the Director of Asset and Infrastructure be given the delegated authority to approve occupation of three parking spaces in Littleton Street, Riverwood.


TAC142-17       Grosvenor Road, South Hurstville - Proposed Temporary Road Closure

(Report by Traffic Engineer)


That the temporary closure of Grosvenor Road, South Hurstville between Short Street and Woniora Road, from 5.30pm to 11pm on Saturday, 2 December 2017 be approved for a Street Party, as shown on plan T948 attached to the report.



The Meeting finished at 2.07pm.