Major Events Advisory Committee



Monday, 13 November 2017


Council Members

Councillor Christina Wu (Chair)

Councillor Vince Badalati (left meeting at 5.57pm)

Councillor Nick Katris (left meeting at 5.28pm)

Councillor Nancy Liu (left meeting at 5.58pm)

Councillor Colleen Symington (left meeting at 5.28pm)


Council Staff

Director Community and Culture, Mr David Tuxford

Manager Communications, Customer Service and Events, Ms Margaret Le

Coordinator Library Programs, Ms Melinda McNaughton (minutes)


Community Representatives

Mr David Dawson

Ms Annie Tang



The Chair, Councillor Wu, opened the meeting at 5.00pm.


Mr Dominic Sin – Community representative

Disclosure of Interest


Minutes of previous meetings

Major Events Advisory Committee - 01 November 2017

RECOMMENDATION        Councillor Katris and Councillor Symington

That the Minutes of the Major Events Advisory Committee held on 01 November 2017 be confirmed subject to clarification of Item MAJ002-17 to include the additional point as follows:

h) That all entertainment, stall-holder and media advertisement applications are to be presented to the committee for endorsement.


Committee Reports

MAJ001-17        Lunar New Year Festival 2018 event update

(Report by Manager Communications, Customer Service and Events)


(a)     That the Council adopts the recommendation for the following schedule for the Lunar New Year event:

10.00am-4.00pm Stalls in operation, with 1 hour to clear stalls

5.00pm-5.30pm Official opening

5.30pm-6.30pm Street parade

6.30pm-8.30pm Highlight entertainment

8.30pm Fireworks (Risk Assessment being conducted 20 November 2017)

(b)     That the approved VIPs are invited to the highlight entertainment taking place at night.

(c)     That daytime entertainment could include local groups performing.

(d)     That the street parade could include local groups, community groups and clubs, SES and local emergency services.

(e)     That Council staff investigate hiring a float for the street parade including a Council float.

(f)      The MEAC recommend that (a) are ‘first in,’ i.e. those that apply first get the first stall allocations, be removed from the stall holder selection criteria, and for Council to adopt the criteria listed below for the equitable selection of stall holders to give priority to stallholders that;

i.        provide products or services that are sourced or based within the Local Government Area,

ii.       provide products or services that showcase the best of the Local Government Area,

iii.      provide products or services that are not duplicated by the permanent shops on the festival site,

iv.      have products or services with high level presentation and professionalism to enhance the visual amenity of the festival,

v.       have original, creative and innovative products or services,

vi.      have products or services that are appropriate to the theme and intent of the festival, including accessible price points for the local community,

vii.     meet a set ratio of services, products and food vendors,

viii.    are sponsors of the festival.

(g)     The MEAC recommend that ‘allocate a maximum of five free stalls to non profit service providers that service the Georges River Local Government Area’ be added to the stall holder selection criteria above and that the Committee will select these stall holders and report back to Council.

(h)     That the MEAC review the draft list for invitations to the Lunar New Year event and report back at the next MEAC meeting.

(i)      That the MEAC acknowledge the list of confirmed and interested sponsors presented at the meeting.

(j)      That Council staff draft an invitation for an expression of interest for high quality entertainment and that this draft is to be presented at the next meeting.

(k)     That the Terms of Reference for MEAC be discussed at the next meeting to ensure no other changes are needed to the document.



The Meeting was closed at 6.00pm