Assets and Infrastructure Committee


Monday, 13 November 2017


Committee Members

Councillor Stephen Agius

Councillor Sam Elmir

Councillor Sandy Grekas (Chair)

Councillor Nick Katris

Councillor Lou Konjarski

Councillor Leesha Payor

Councillor Colleen Symington

Council Staff

Director Assets and Infrastructure, Mr Laurie O’Connor

Director Transformation and Change, Marissa Racomelara

Solicitor, Amanda Berry

Manager Project Delivery, Michelle Whitehurst

Manager Infrastructure, Glen Moody

Executive Assistant to the Director Assets and Infrastructure, Julie Attard



The Chair, Councillor Grekas, opened the meeting at 7.00pm.




Disclosure of Interest




Councillor Rita Kastanias and Councillor Warren Tegg

Minutes of previous meetings

Assets and Infrastructure - 09 October 2017

Recommendation:   Councillor Katris and Councillor Konjarski

That the Minutes of the Assets and Infrastructure Committee Meeting held on 09 October 2017, as adopted by Council on 23 October 2017, be confirmed.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion:  Unanimous


Committee Reports

ASS01-17          Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee Meetings - 17 October 2017 and 7 November 2017

(Report by Traffic Engineer)

Recommendation: Councillor Elmir and Councillor Symington

That the recommendations contained within the minutes of the Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee Meetings held on 17 October 2017 and 7 November 2017 be adopted by Council.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion:  Unanimous


ASS02-17          Tooronga Terrace - Request for Contacts for CCTV and RMS feedback in regards to install "keep Clear" line marking

(Report by General Counsel)

Recommendation:   Councillor Agius and Councillor Elmir

a)    That Council remove the pedestrian crossing and undertake the associated safety works in accordance with the resolution of Council dated 3 July 2017.

b)    That Council request the RMS to increase the time and frequency of the pedestrian lights at the intersection of Tooronga Terrace and King Georges Road.

c)    That Council refer the following matters to the Traffic Committee for a thorough investigation and report back to a subsequent Council meeting:

1.    Installation of speed humps and traffic calming devices along Tooronga Terrace to slow down traffic;

2.    Improved and additional disabled parking places; and

3.    A dedicated drop off zone in the vicinity of the removed crossing.

Record of Voting:

For the Motion:  Councillors Agius, Elmir, Grekas, Konjarski and Payor

Against the Motion:  Councillors Katris and Symington



The Meeting was closed at 7.27pm.