Economic Development Committee




Monday, 24 April 2017


Council Staff

Manager Strategic Planning, Ms Catherine McMahon

Economic Development Officer, Mr Craig Edmondson

Executive Services Officer, Ms Sina Camilleri


Committee Members

Mr John Rayner (Chair)

Mr Nick Aroney

Mr Vince Badalati

Mr Frank Bates

Ms Linda Hurst

Mr Lawrence Debono

Mr Con Hindi

Ms Nancy Liu

Ms Lesley Mannion

Mr Sam Stratikoppolous

Mr Alan Zreik

Mr Warren Tegg



Apologies were tendered on behalf of the General Manager, Ms Gail Connolly, Director Environment and Planning, Ms Meryl Bishop, Mr Nickolas Varvaris, Mr Dominic Sin and Ms Rosemary Bishop.


Disclosure of Interest

There were no disclosures of interest made.


Minutes of previous meetings

Economic Development Committee - 20 February 2017


That the Minutes of the Economic Development Committee held on 20 February 2017 be confirmed as adopted by Council on 3 April 2017.



Council Reports

EDC008-17       Economic Development Strategy

(Report by Economic Development Officer, Craig Edmondson)

Committee suggested:

a)    That the vision be amended to be more concise and to include the word ‘accessible’ and that the term ‘Business Capital’ be revised.

b)    Key Theme 1: The replacement of the word ‘Align’ with ‘Aware’.  Delete the word ‘links’.  To be reworded to ensure that the Economic Development Strategy recognises and captures key elements of relevant local, state and federal, strategies plans, policies and initiatives.  The actions also require amendments to reflect the revised Key Theme.   The action needs to reflect that the Council will utilise these key documents to underpin the formation of the Economic Development Strategy.

c)    Key Theme 2: Revision of the wording to read ‘Understanding and taking into account the challenges facing local business.  S94A Levy needs to be added to the issues facing local business.  Also add to issues – the pressure on employment land to be rezoned as residential.  More actions required in this theme.

d)    Key Theme 3: Rewrite to Developing a strategic response to ensuring that the local economy is resilient to changes in federal, state and local government policy.  Additional actions to include Lobby state and federal government departments to relocate to Georges River; Encourage the retention of existing businesses and encourage commercial development.  

e)    Key Theme 4:  Additional Action: Explore incentives for Key Worker Housing in particularly for Healthcare and Emergency workers.

f)     Key Theme 5:  Ensure that an improvement program for all centres within the Georges River LGA is developed.  The improvement program is to address improving shop fronts, shop signage, and introducing awning inspections to encourage owners to rectify and make safe.

g)    Key Theme 6:  no changes suggested.

h)    Key Theme 7:  Change to Embrace Cultural Diversity and Promote Assimilation.  Add Night markets and a calendar of events to actions,

i)     Key Theme 8: Re-word theme to Georges River is an aspirational community that places great value and emphasis on education.  The committee felt that this was critical theme.  Actions to include:  lobby for a range of educational facilities across the LGA – private and non-private, child care to university.  Add to Actions - Lobby for a range of additional public and private facilities from Early Childhood to Tertiary.

Committee Recommendation

(a)       That the Committee’s feedback be noted and the Draft Key Themes and Actions be revised and re-presented to the Committee.

(b)       That Workshops be held with the community on the vision and key themes.

(c)       That a report be prepared for the next Committee meeting providing draft questions for a survey that will be sent out to Local Business to obtain data on issues and challenges facing local business and their ideas on opportunities for growth and change.

(d)       That Council commits to Service NSW ‘Easy to do Business Program’

(e)       That Council lobby the NSW State Government and the Greater Sydney Commission for Hurstville to be re-classified as a District Centre in the South District Plan. 

(f)        That Council facilitate Commercial Development in Hurstville by investigating incentives for commercial development.

(g)       That Council consider incentives for all the Commercial and Industrial areas within the LGA as part of its consideration of the Draft GRC Employment lands Study on exhibition.

(h)      That Council consider facilitating housing provisions for key workers in its centres – Kogarah and Hurstville.

(i)        That Council Officers prepare a report on the enforcement of its signage policy – ie. Maximum of 50% window coverage to shopfront and that signs are also to be displayed in English.

(j)         That Council consider concessions for outdoor dining along Forest Road to promote activation night life.

(k)       That Council officers prepare a report covering improvements to and maintenance of shop awnings along Forest Road and other shopping precincts.

(l)        That Council review its involvement in child care with a view to increasing its provision of child care facilities.

(m)     That Council lobby State Government for additional educational institutions to the area.

(n)      That Council lobby State Government for an IT Educational facility in the Kingsgrove Industrial area, or an advanced manufacturing plant.

(o)       That the Administrator, Mr John Rayner and the President of the St George Business Chamber conduct a walkthrough of Forest Road to look at view signage and the amenity of the public domain.

(p)       That Council examine FSR incentives for Industrial as well as Commercial to encourage investment and jobs in the local area.

(q)       That Council look at commercial opportunities at sites on the river for e.g. café at Oatley Park or improvement to the Carss Park Swimming Centre to improve public amenity.

(r)        That Council consider incentives for the provision of aged care facilities in development.


EDC009-17       Easy To Do Business Program

(Report by Economic Development Officer, Craig Edmondson)


(a)     That the Committee receive and note the report.


EDC010-17       Back to Business Week

(Report by Economic Development Officer, Craig Edmondson)


(a)     That the Committee receive and note the report.


EDC011-17       Update on Planning Proposal to vary Clause 4.4A and Clause 6.6 of Hurstville LEP 2012

(Report by Manager Strategic Planning, Catherine McMahon)


(a)     That the Committee note the contents of the report.


EDC012-17       UNSW Student Design Project

(Report by Economic Development Officer, Craig Edmondson)


(a)     That the Committee receive and note the report.


EDC013-17       St George Chamber of Commerce Update

(Report by Economic Development Officer, Craig Edmondson)


(a)     That the Committee receive and note the report.


EDC014-17       Briefing on Draft Employment Lands  Study

(Report by Manager Strategic Planning, Catherine McMahon)


(a)       That the Committee note the report and the separate PowerPoint presentation on the Draft Georges River Employment Lands Study.

(b)       That Committee members provide feedback.


General Business

St George Business Chamber to be congratulated on being a finalist in the 2017 South Eastern Sydney Business awards.



The Meeting was closed at 8.15pm.


Minutes confirmed Monday, 5 June 2017.