Council Meeting




Monday, 6 February 2017


Council Members

Administrator, Mr John Rayner 

Council Staff

General Manager, Ms Gail Connolly

Director Assets and Infrastructure, Mr Laurie O’Connor

Director Environment and Planning, Ms Meryl Bishop

Director Community and Culture, Mr David Tuxford

Chief Operating Officer, Ms Carole Todd

Director Transformation and Change, Ms Marissa Racomelara

Internal Auditor, Mr Tony Gearon

Executive Manager, Office of the General Manager, Ms Rebekah Schulz

Executive Services Officer, Ms Sina Camilleri




The Administrator, Mr J Rayner opened the meeting at 6.00pm.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Administrator acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land, the Biddegal people.


There were no apologies.

Disclosure of Interest

There were no disclosures of interest made.

Administrator’s Minutes


18.  Community Engagement


To expand Council’s engagement with the community I am proposing a series of events where the Administrator, General Manager and Senior Staff will meet with residents and ratepayers to:

-       Listen to views;

-       Encourage feedback on Council policies, attributes and services; and

-       Explain Council’s position on matters (where requested by residents & ratepayers).

An event will be held in each ward through March to May, the first on the 13th March 2017 at Kogarah Library, from 4.00pm to 7.00pm. Whilst the events will be informal and face to face with the Administrator and/or Staff member, a record will be made of each matter raised & where necessary a response provided.

Residents can become involved by making an appointment from 20th February 2017 by contacting Council online or by telephone. An appointment can be made, nominating the topic(s) to be discussed and nominating the person from Council whom it is desired to speak to. Generally appointments will be 10 minutes but may be extended for more complex matters.

If time is available (i.e. those with appointments are accommodates), residents without an appointment may be also have an opportunity to meet with the Administrator and Staff.

Minute No. 1

The Administrator moved and declared carried that Council provide the resources and support to organise the Community Engagement Events referred to in the minute.



19.  Merger Progress Update



We have just passed the halfway mark between the proclamation of Georges River Council (12th May 2016) and the first meeting of the elected Council, expected to be soon after the 9th September 2017 election.

This minute briefly records a number of the important achievements since proclamation and outlines a number of opportunities, challenges and plans to September 2017.

Establishing your new Council is more than merging and improving services. It is also about creating a positive culture within the organisation, building trust with the community and providing the highest level of customer service.

With the General Manger and her team, we are building the organisation around:

·         Openness

·         Transparency

·         Equity

·         Consistency

·         Consultation & Participation

·         Integrity

The population of the new Council is more than 150,000 and while that may be relatively small in the metropolitan context, there is no doubt that your Council has greater capacity than existed with the two former Councils.

Much has been achieved to date and the Council is ahead of most other merged Councils in many critical operational areas.


Transformation and Change

The State Government, through the department of Premier & Cabinet, has been assisting the newly merger Councils with guidance on key milestones and a details action list.

The department requires Councils to implement strategies to deliver 10 key result areas:

1.    Service continuity with smart service improvements

2.    Robust governance that delivers confidence to communities

3.    Easy to do business with, in person and online

4.    Engaged staff who understand their roles and how they contribute to the new Council

5.    Involved communities who have their say

6.    Communities can readily identify with their new Council

7.    A shared vision and direction for the whole community

8.    Rates maintained within existing pathways and resources used widely to serve the entire Council area

9.    Expected benefits which are clear, measurable and on target

10. A newly elected Council working for the whole community

Activities, improvements and changes aim to meet the key results required.

I am pleased to report that through the leadership of the General Manager and the Director Transformation and Change and the contribution from staff in project teams, Council has achieved 98% of the 179 deadlines set by DPC.One (1) action (Logo) is behind schedule, for good reason which will be explained later in the minute.

Following the election, Council will be expected to continue to work toward achieving the stronger Council’s characteristics and delivering benefits of reform to the community.

A full report on progress against the Transformation & Change Program will be presented to the March Council meeting.

The Attachment lists a number of the achievements to date and an overview of anticipated progress in 2017.


Minute No. 2

The Administrator moved and declared carried:


(a)       That the Minute be recorded & noted.

(b)       That the General Manager and Staff be congratulated on their achievements to date and thanked for their assistance and commitment


Attachment 1



-       Merger Progress

-       Opportunities, Challenges and Plans to September 2017


Council Meetings

Council Meetings are being taken to the community. Council meetings have been held at:

-       Hurstville (6)

-       Kogarah (3)

-       Riverwood (2)

-       Mortdale (1)

And next year at:

-       Hurstville

-       Kogarah

-       Kyle Bay

-       Mortdale

-       Riverwood

Public attendance has been up to 50.

Whilst the meetings are short, residents have an opportunity to address Council at the commencement of each meeting.

Council meetings are now recorded & late in 2017 will be broadcast.

A new Council Chamber will be established at Hurstville, providing accommodation for 15 Councillors and a much larger public gallery.

Those attending Council meetings will note that fewer reports are now considered in closed sessions. A report which summarises the closed session report and virtually contains all but the commercially confidential information is included in the open section of the meeting.


Committee Structure

To assist in the planning & development of policy, Council established a number of Advisory Committees comprising Councillor’s from the former Hurstville City & Kogarah City Councils and community representatives.

Those committees being:

-       Implementation Advisory Committee (12 Former Councillors)

-       Economic Development Advisory Committee

-       Community Development Advisory Committee

-       Aboriginal Advisory Committee


Membership of External Organisations

Council has retained membership of:

-       Local Government NSW

-       Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils

-       Georges River Combined Councils Committee,

After a detailed review, Council withdrew from the Cooks River Alliance and will divert the $50,000 annual membership to on ground works to enhance the quality of stormwater entering the Cooks River.


Council Policies

Whilst council has adopted:

-       Code of Conduct

-       Code of Meeting Practise

-       Policy on Provision of Facilities and Payment of Expenses for Councillors


these will be reviewed following advice from the Office of Local Government which is developing model codes. Updated policies/codes will be in place for the new Council.


Legislative Change

Changes to the Local Government Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act will have an impact on the way Council operates in the future. These amendments will make Councils & Councillors more accountable for their performance.

The recent Phase 1 amendments to the Local Government Act have seen the inclusion of the prescribed role of Councillors; a responsibility “to make all reasonable efforts to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform the role of a councillor”.

Regulations are currently being prepared and provide more detail of the changes.

The amendments to the NSW Planning Laws look to set up a planning system which may potentially reduce the role of Councils and Councillors in development application decisions. Council will analyse the proposals and make a submission to the State Government.


New Council Implementation Fund - $10m

The NSW Government has provided all merged Councils with $10m to assist in meeting the costs associated with the merger. Details of the allocation of this amount is part of the Implementation Plan (presented to Council Meeting 7th November 2016). Included in the $10m are provisions for:

-       the Transformation & Change Directorate/Integration project costs

-       improving systems, processes & service

-       training staff, building capacity & developing a strong culture


Stronger Communities Fund - $10m

The stronger Communities Fund was established by the NSW Government to provide council with funding for the delivery of projects that improve community infrastructure and services.

The program is divided into categories:

a)    Community Grants Program – allocation of $1 million in grants to community organisations for projects that build vibrant local communities. These funds have been allocated to 27 Community Groups generating projects worth $3m

b)    Major Project Program – allocated $9 million to larger scale priority infrastructure and servicers that deliver long term economic and social benefits to communities.

Council is currently consulting on the $9m for projects that deliver new or improved infrastructure or services for the local community

The approval for projects will occur at the March 2017 Council meeting with projects expected to be completed in 2018.





Community Engagement

A requirement for new Councils is “involved communities who have their say”. To meet this requirement, Council is developing a Communication and Engagement Strategy, to be exhibited mid-year and adopted by September 2017.

Features of engagement to date include:

-       an open invitation to meet with the Administrator

-       opportunity to address Council meetings

-       opportunity to present to IHAP on development and planning matters

-       consultation on major issues and proposals including:

o   Former Oatley Bowling Club Site

o   Proposed Athletic Facility At Riverwood

o   Venue Hire Grant Policy

o   Hurstville Central Plaza

o   Peakhurst Park Masterplan

o   New Council Logo

o   Stronger Communities Fund

A series of community engagement events will be held between March & May 2017, where residents will be able to have face-to-face meetings with the Administrator and/or Senior Staff.


Customer Satisfaction

A customer satisfaction survey is under development and will be undertaken as part of the development of the Community Strategic Plan.


Georges River Logo

Immediately following proclamation temporary branding for Georges River was introduced.

During the latter part of 2016 staff, with the support Ryde City Council’s communications Team, developed a number of potential logos for Council with supporting logic/reasoning. The options will be exhibited for adoption prior to September 2017.

The consultation has commenced with residents invited to comment through information kiosks and online.


Service Delivery Review

Council is conducting service reviews across all portfolios. The phase 1 report will be completed by September 2017.

There is an expectation that there will be ‘no disruption in the provision of existing services’ as part of the service reviews.

The review will:

-       Customise services

-       Align services to community expectations and future needs

-       Ensure long term sustainability of Georges River Council

-       Enhance the customer experience through a continuous improvement program



A number of early gains include:

-       an additional rebate to 3,300 “Kogarah” Pensions, cost $250,000

-       expansion of the graffiti removal service across the council area

-       expanded the range of services available at Hurstville library

-       increased Community Grants from $147,000 to $200,000

-       reaching agreement with St George Business Chamber to better support small business

-       eliminating expenditure which does not add to good governance or better service

-       expanded childcare centres with more accessibility offering greater choice for families

-       larger capital works program

-       consolidated events program


Economic Development

The Economic Development Advisory Committee will recommend an Economic Development Plan to guide Council in developing strategies, policies and actions aimed at increasing jobs, growth and investment in Georges River.

A Deed of Agreement had been entered with St George Business Chamber Inc. whereby Council provides $30,000 per annum, plus an office and in return the Chamber will arrange no less than 12 events to assist business in the area.


Organisation Structure

In early June Council adopted its Organisation Structure which include five (5) key portfolios:

1.    Environment and Planning (Development planning and assessment, strategic planning, natural environment, sustainability, waste, regulatory and compliance functions)

2.    Assets and Infrastructure (Engineering, asset management, major projects and outdoor operations)

3.    Community and Culture (Services to the community, including libraries, youth and family based services, children’s services, customer service, communications and events, arts and cultural services)

4.    Corporate Services and Support (Governance and internal services delivery with priority being given to streamlining Council’s corporate functions. This includes Human Resources, Finance, Information and Communications Technology, Strategic Property and Integrated Planning and Reporting)

5.    Transformation and Change (This temporary portfolio will support the organisation to build capacity and manage the transition to one cohesive new Council)


A sixth portfolio, Office of the General Manager, includes executive support staff, legal services and internal audit.



The General Manger has her team of Directors in place and they in turn have now appointed most Managers. Those chosen will bring innovation and where necessary, change to ensure Georges River is a high performing Council with an exceptional leadership team.

All staff have been informed of their roles in the organisation, however the Unions are seeking extended employment protection including terms and conditions beyond the 3 years provided under Local Government Act. Due to the financial and other implications of the Union’s demands, Council is before the Industrial Relations Commission opposing the claim.


Vision & Values

Through workshops and surveys staff have been involved in developing the Corporate Vision & Values. Corporate Values are expected to be released in March and the Vision further developed along with the Logo considerations.


Operational Plan

The 2017/18 Operational Plan (to be adopted in parallel with the 2017/18 Budget) will contain better corporate reporting and measurement of progress against KPI’s.




2105/16 Financial Results

The former Hurstville City & Kogarah City Councils achieved good financial results for the year to 12th May 2016, with operating results of $23.2m + $8.6m respectfully.

Both Councils exceeded the industry financial benchmarks and ratios however, some have been positively affected by the amalgamation and the required recognition policies, i.e. the statements recognised 12 months of revenue and 10.5 months of expenditure. The 2017/18 financial statements will recognise 13.5 months of expenditure but only 12 months of revenue, which will adversely  impact on ratios.



Whilst a number of savings have been identified a full picture of the financial position will not be available until the December review of the Budget is completed. Nevertheless a number of service improvements and benefits, as noted elsewhere in the minute, have flowed to residents.

Even though some savings will be small, accumulated they will be quite significant.


2017/18 Budget

Work is underway preparing the 2017/18 Budget. The draft of the first Georges River Budget will be exhibited for community consultation prior to adoption in late June.

Under the 2017/18 Budget:

-       the total rate revenue will be increased by 1.5% as determined by IPART - there will be no request for a special rate variation

-       rates will be based on a new valuation of the LGA. Valuation fluctuations will impact on an individual’s rate increase or decrease

-       in accordance with state government direction, and subject to IPART’s determination there will be no change to the existing rate path (structure)

-       the rate notice will include the state government’s Emergency Services Property Levy

-       fees and changes, generally will increase by the rate of inflation

-       there will be a significant increase in the capital program


Planning & Development

This responsibility is the most contentious of the many roles of Council. Integrity, fairness and consistency are key requirements to have in place if the community is to have trust in the Council.



A Voluntary Planning Agreement Policy has been adopted providing the Council, developers and the community with a clear and transparent framework governing the use of planning agreements, and to ensure the negotiation and assessment of the agreements is consistent, efficient, fair & accountable. The policy provides clear guidance and mechanisms for the assessment of planning agreements and identifies potential public benefits which may be considered.

Other Planning Policies and Strategies under development include:

-       Hurstville City Centre Urban Design Strategy

-       Hurstville City Public Domain Plan

-       Urban design strategy and contributions plan for Kogarah North

-       Georges River employment funds study

-       Car parking strategy for Georges River

-       Master Plan for the Beverly Hills Centre


Development Application Assessment

The performance of the former Councils is determining Development Applications was unsatisfactory & nowhere near best practise or meeting State Government or community expectations.

Steps taken to date to improve both the integrity and timelines of decision making include:


-       Establishment of the Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel

-       Delegations including to settle Section 34 (EP&A Act) appeals


There are many activities underway to clear undetermined DA’s and avenues are being explored to improve process times.

At 31st December 2016 there were 347 undetermined Development Applications in the system, including 125 that have been with Council for more than 100 days. The number of applications received in November & December was unusually high.

The State Government is seeking residential applications be determined within 40 days. Whilst this will be hard to achieve for more complex applications, staff are endeavouring to meet this target for the majority of applications.

The value of applications received from October to December 2016 was $70m.

An indicator of investment confidence in Georges River is illustrated thorough the following table:


Number of DA Lodgements

Total Estimated Construction Value

Total of former Kogarah and Hurstville
(8 month period prior to the merger )


$ 560,897,266

Georges River Council
(8 months since 13 May 2016 to date )


$ 803,597,559


Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel (IHAP)

The establishment of an IHAP at the first meeting of Georges River Council was important in defining the way Georges River Council deals with planning & development matters. IHAP’s are considered industry best practise and provide transparency, confidence & efficiency in the development assessment process.

It is important this level of integrity, through IHAP’s remains in place after the September election. The State Government is proposing to give the Minister for Planning the power to direct a Council to have Local Planning Panels and/or direct that more planning functions are carried out by Council Staff.

There is a focus on improving systems and processes to reduce assessment determination times and ensuring IHAP (Local Planning Panel) is entrenched into the Council’s operations.


Greater Sydney Commission

The Greater Sydney Commission’s draft South District Plan is on exhibition. The draft plan maps out a 20 year vision setting a housing target 2016 – 2015 of 4800 dwellings, not inconsistent with the current rate of development in Georges River.

Kogarah has been identified as a Strategic Centre.

Council will make a submission by the due date, the end of March 2017. Our response and its impact on decision makers will be important in determining quality of life in Georges River into the future.


Office Accommodation

Work is underway, in the conversion of the Hurstville Civic Centre to accommodate administration and technical staff previously based at both Hurstville & Kogarah.

The approximate cost of the project is $1.5m to be funded from reserve funds and the rental return on currently occupied Council premises at Kogarah.

It is expected staff will be in the upgraded accommodation by March 2017. The Kogarah buildings are currently being advertised for lease with a view to bringing replacement jobs to Kogarah.

Bringing staff together will generate effectiveness and savings and at the same time, free up 3 buildings at Kogarah to bring in revenue.

A customer service facility will be maintained at Kogarah Library from late March.



One of the challenges of merging organisations with different systems is to establish a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) computer software/hardware platform that meets the operational and strategic objectives of the Council.

For several reasons, Council has moved to Technology One’s – “One Council” platform (previously used by Hurstville City Council and the majority of users) at a capital investment of $1m plus an annual $200,000 for annual maintenance.

A new website will be launched in the coming months.


Community Grants and Financial Assistance

Bringing two Councils together with difference approaches and policies, is extremely challenging.

It is estimated that the two Councils combined provided financial assistance and subsidies to the value of $1.2m to $2m each year.

Council recognises the outstanding contribution that community organisations, make to improve the wellbeing of residents of Georges River and to make it a better place.

Considering the anomalies and the lack of criteria applied to the allocation of Council’s funds a review of Council’s financial and in-kind assistance is being undertaken.

As an example, the former Councils allocated $147,000 in their Community Grants Program. This allocation has been increased to $200,000 for 2017/17, with a maximum $10,000 grant.

Sixty Six (66) organisations competed against each other, under strict criteria for these grants. Only 38 were successful. The successful organisations provide necessary support for those in the community needing support.

However, without meeting any criteria, or without a competitive process, other organisations have been receiving financial assistance, many above the $10,000 maximum community grant.

The Venue Hire Grant Program plus other policies to be exhibited in 2017 are aimed at fairness, transparency and ensuring organisations which look to the wellbeing of those needing assistance in our community are given priority.

The Venue Hire Grant Policy will be considered by Council in March 2017. Other policies to be reviewed will be:

-       Donations

-       Rental assistance

-       Sec 356 subsidies


Other Matters/ Projects:


Former Oatley Bowling Club Site

Community consultation, in addition to statutory requirements, has concluded. The report on the consultation, including telephone survey’s will be peer reviewed and considered by Council.

If the Planning Proposal, or modified Planning Proposal, proceeds, as per the Council decision it will be assessed by an independent expert who will make recommendations to the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel for endorsement or otherwise prior to any Gateway determination.

If the Planning Proposal proceeds, i.e. after independent assessment, approval by IHAP and Department of Planning and Environment, a reclassification Public Hearing will be undertaken by a former judge of the NSW Land & Environment Court or a person with equivalent standing and experience.

A post Gateway exhibition report be prepared by an independent consultant for consideration by the Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel and the newly elected Council; prior to forwarding to the Department of Planning.

The decision on a rezoning will be made by the Council elected in September 2017.


Hurstville Baptist Church

The compulsory acquisition, initiated by the former Hurstville City Council, is proceeding. There are strict timelines associated with the acquisition. The valuation will be determined by the Valuer General and if the church is not satisfied it may appeal to the Land & Environment Court.

At a meeting with the Church representatives on 27th October 2016, Council offered options, including:

-       Continued occupation (after the land is transferred to Council) of the site for 5-10 years

-       A land swap of a Church property with a Council property

-       The provision of a space in the new Hurstville Civic Precinct

The Church has not responded to these offers.

The Hurstville Civic Precinct will contain a Library, Gallery, Community Facilities, Car Parking, Open Space and Residential & Office Accommodation.


Aquatic Facilities

Building condition assessments have been undertaken on the Council’s three aquatic facilities at Sans Souci, Carrs Park & Hurstville.

Almost $1m is required to meet the cost of actions which are required to bring the building up to the required standard plus further amounts for the pools at Carrs Park and Sans Souci.

This year Council will undertake an Aquatic Facility Strategy that identifies the longer terms needs of the community.


Jubilee Oval

The 27 year lease of Jubilee Oval to St George Illawarra Dragons expires in February 2017. St George Illawarra Dragons do not wish to renew the lease but will become a hirer for the local home games (*5 in 2017).

Council recognises the strong local supporter base and will negotiate with the “Dragons” for use of the grounds for a number of years.

With the facility coming under the control of Council, opportunities will be explored for a range of user for the playing field and more use of the community and other rooms in the grandstand.


Hurstville Central Plaza

Demolition of the building will be completed March 2016 with construction expected to commence mid year.

Minutes of previous meetings

Council Meeting - 5 December 2016

Minute No. 3

The Administrator moved and declared carried that the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 5 December 2016 be adopted.


Extraordinary Council Meeting - 13 December 2016

Minute No. 4

The Administrator moved and declared carried that the Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 13 December 2016 be adopted.


Extraordinary Council Meeting - 22 December 2016

Minute No. 5

The Administrator moved and declared carried that the Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 22 December 2016 be adopted.






Environment and Planning

CCL001-17       Exhibition of Draft Policy Changes (NSW Department of Planning) - Intended Effects - Proposed Medium Density Housing Code and Draft Medium Density Design Guide

(Report by Coordinator Strategic Planning, Rita Vella)

Minute No. 6

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)       That the report be received and noted.

(b)       That Council strongly opposes any proposal that medium density development and manor houses become complying development for the following reasons:

-       The scale of development (medium density housing is considered well beyond the scope of low risk/low impact development which was intended for the Complying Development Pathway

-       Medium density development and manor houses should not be complying development in low density residential zones

-       Medium density development must be subject to merit based assessment

-       Council does not have confidence that Private Certifiers will adequately consult with the community or meet community and Council expectations on governance and oversight. 

(c)       That the issues raised in the body of the report be incorporated in a submission to the NSW Department of Planning in respect to the Explanation of Intended Effects – Proposed Medium Density Housing Code and Draft Medium Density Design Guide.


CCL002-17       Summary of Development Applications lodged and determined

(Report by Manager – Development Assessment, Tina Christy)

Minute No. 7

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That the information on development applications lodged and determined for October - December 2016 be received and noted.

(b)       That within the next report to Council, information is provided on the actions being undertaken to clear the undetermined DA’s and the avenues being explored to improve development application process times.


CCL003-17       Heritage Grants - request for additional funding for No.146 Penshurst Street, Penshurst.

(Report by Senior Planner, Rebecca Lau)

Minute No. 8

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That a Heritage Grant offer be made to No.146 Penshurst Road, Penshurst as outlined in this report.





Finance and Governance

CCL004-17       Advice on Court Proceedings - December 2016 and January 2017

(Report by General Counsel, Jenny Ware)

Minute No. 9

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That the information be received and noted.



CCL005-17       Investment Report as at 30 November 2016

(Report by Coordinator Financial Management, Francis Mangru)

Minute No. 10

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That the Investment Report as at 30 November 2016 be received and noted.


CCL006-17       Venue Change for Council Meeting - 6 March 2017

(Report by Executive Services Officer, Sina Camilleri)

Minute No. 11

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That the Council meeting on 6 March 2017 be moved to 6:00pm at Kogarah Council Chambers, Belgrave Street, Kogarah.

(b)     That the change in venue be promoted on Council’s website and other communication channels.


Assets and Infrastructure

CCL007-17       Georges River Council Aquatic Facilities - Building Condition Assessments

(Report by Manager Project Delivery, Michelle Whitehurst and Manager Community and Cultural Development, Scott Andrew)

Minute No. 12

The Administrator moved and declared carried:


(a)     That Council receives and notes the Building Services and Structural Evaluation Report for Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre, the Building Assets Conditions Assessment for Sans Souci Leisure Centre and the Building Assets Conditions Assessment for Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool.

(b)     That Council develops an Aquatic Facility Strategy that identifies the longer term needs of the community.

(c)     That $30,000 is allocated for the Georges River Council Property Asset Reserve to fund the Georges River Council Aquatic Facility Strategy.

(d)     That all necessary action is taken to ensure fire and life safety standards are monitored immediately at each aquatic facility.


CCL008-17       Appointment of Local Emergency Management Officer for Georges River Council

(Report by Manager Project Delivery, Michelle Whitehurst)

Minute No. 13

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That the Executive Manager Engineering Operations be appointed Georges River Council’s Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO) and Director Assets and Infrastructure be appointed Council's alternate Local Emergency Management Officer.

(b)     That the St George Local Emergency Management Committee and adjoining Local Government areas be advised accordingly.



CCL009-17       Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 20 December 2016

(Report by Manager Infrastructure, Glen Moody)

Minute No. 14

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)       That the Minutes of the Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee meeting held on 20 December 2016 be adopted.

(b)       That TAC096-16 Thurlow Street Riverwood be referred back to the Georges River Traffic Advisory Committee for further consideration following representations and submissions from business owners and Club Rivers representatives. 



CCL010-17       Contractor Engagement - Construction of Dover Park West Foreshore, Princes Highway, Blakehurst 

(Report by Catchment Management Officer, Tom Heath)

Minute No. 15

The Administrator moved and declared carried:


(a)     That the report be received and noted.

(b)     That the separate report on the agenda relating to the Tender for Dover Park West Foreshore Construction be considered in closed session, in accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of Chapter 4 of the Local Government Act 1993, Section 10A(2) (c) as it is considered the information, if disclosed, confers a commercial advantage on a person with whom the Council is conducting (or proposes to conduct) business.


Community and Culture

CCL011-17       Lunar New Year Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes held to date

(Report by Events Coordinator, Bridget Keating)

Minute No. 16

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)       That the Lunar New Year Advisory Committee Terms of Reference be adopted.

(b)       That the Minutes for the Lunar New Year Advisory Committee meetings held on 7 September 2016, 26 October 2016, 23 November 2016 and 11 January 2017 be received and noted.

(c)       That Council provide appropriate meal time food vouchers to the registered community volunteers, State Emergency Service Volunteers and attending police at both Hurstville and Kogarah Lunar New Year events.

(d)       That Council acknowledge the work of staff and members of the Lunar New Year Committee and express appreciation for their efforts.


Confidential items (Closed Council Meeting)

The Administrator asked the General Manager if any representations had been received from the public that the item should not be discussed in closed session.


The General Manager replied that no representations had been received to the item in closed session.


The Administrator asked if there were any members of the public gallery who would like to speak on the reasons Council proposes to consider the item in closed session.


The Administrator informed that he would not close the meeting to inconvenience those members of the public in attendance and then moved the following motion.


Minute No. 17

That in accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of Chapter 4 of the Local Government Act 1993, the following matters be considered in closed Council at which the press and public are excluded.


CON001-17       Contractor Engagement - Construction of Dover Park West Foreshore, Princes Highway, Blakehurst 

(Report by Catchment Management Officer, Tom Heath)

THAT in accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of Chapter 4 of the Local Government Act 1993, the matters dealt with in this report be considered in closed Council Meeting at which the press and public are excluded. In accordance with Section 10A(2) (c) it is considered the matter information that would, if disclosed, confer a commercial advantage on a person with whom the Council is conducting (or proposes to conduct) business.

THAT in accordance with Section 10D it is considered that if the matter were discussed in an open Council Meeting, it would on balance, be contrary to the public interest as the information that would, if disclosed, confer a commercial advantage on a person with whom the Council is conducting (or proposes to conduct) business.


That in accordance with the provisions of Section 11(2) of the Act, the reports and correspondence relating to these matters be withheld from the press and public.


Consideration of Confidential Recommendations


CON001-17       Contractor Engagement - Construction of Dover Park West Foreshore, Princes Highway, Blakehurst 

(Report by Catchment Management Officer, Tom Heath)

Minute No. 18

The Administrator moved and declared carried:

(a)     That Total Earth Care Pty Ltd be awarded the Contract for Dover Park West Foreshore Construction for the amount of $236,110.00 (ex GST).

(b)     That the General Manager be granted delegated authority to sign the Contract with the preferred Contractors on behalf of Council.


Open Council

Minute No. 19

Resolved that the meeting revert to Open Council.


Consideration of Recommendations from Closed Session

Minute No. 20

Resolved that the Closed session recommendation be adopted.




The Meeting was closed at 6.12pm.


Minutes confirmed Monday, 6 March 2017.