Minutes - Economic Development Advisory Committee Meeting

Monday, 21 November 2016

held at 6pm Meeting Room 2, Hurstville Civic Centre



Council Members

Mr John Rayner, Administrator


Council Staff

Ms Gail Connolly, General Manager

Ms Meryl Bishop, Director Environment and Planning

Mr Craig Edmondson, Place Manager



Mr Mark Coure MP, Member for Oatley

Mr Tony Abboud, President Ryde Business Forum


Committee Members

Mr Nickolas Varvaris (Chair)

Mr Nick Aroney

Mr Vince Badalati

Mr Frank Bates

Ms Rosemary Bishop

Mr Lawrence Debono

Mr Stephen Johnston

Ms Nancy Liu

Ms Lesley Mannion

Mr Dominic Sin

Mr Sam Stratikoppolous

Mr Warren Tegg

Mr Alan Zreik


1.     Welcome

The Administrator, Mr John Rayner opened the meeting at 6.04pm and welcomed the Committee members. 

The Administrator appointed Mr N Varvaris Chairperson of the Committee.







2.     Setting the Scene

The General Manager, Ms Gail Connolly advised the Committee of Council’s Vision for the Committee and requested its members review the Draft Terms of Reference and provide feedback.

The General Manager, Ms G Connolly outlined key strategies to influence future growth and the importance of the committee.


3.     Ryde Business Forum and Ryde Economic Development Committee

The President of the Ryde Business Forum, Mr Tony Abboud addressed the committee on planning achievements in the Ryde and Macquarie Park areas and the impact of the Economic Development Committee towards the success of the projects.



4.     Planning Achievements and Current Projects

The Director Environment and Planning, Ms Meryl Bishop advised the Committee of Council’s planning achievements, current projects and provided a snapshot of the local Georges River Council area.


Ms M Bishop outlined State and Local Government priorities and Council’s planning achievements since May.


The General Manager, Ms G Connolly advised the Committee of the ID Economy tool and advised it is available on Council’s website.

Ms M Bishop outlined Draft District Plan for the south and confirmed a budget of $100k will be allocated for Economic Development Advisory Committee initiatives.


5.     NSW State Government Update

Mr Mark Coure, MP Member for Oatley confirmed State Government target of 5,900 dwellings is allocated for ‘Affordable Housing’ in the Georges River Council area

Mr M Coure confirmed gazettal of the GRC LEP will be in February 2017.

Mr M Coure advised the Committee of current upgrades underway at the St George Hospital, Narwee train station, Oatley train station, the Lily Street bridge, the commuter car park at Oatley (which has been open for approximately 10 months).  Mr M Coure informed the Committee that he will continue to lobby the State Government for commuter car parking and informed the committee of the successful Federal grant application for a commuter car park at Beverly Hills. 

Commuter car parks are a priority for Beverly Hills, Riverwood and Mortdale areas.  Hurstville and Kogarah precincts also identified with a need for commuter car parking.



6.     Key Projects

Mr C Edmondson advised the next Committee meeting will be 20 February 2017 and requested feedback to begin the process of developing an Economic Development Strategy for Georges River.





Key themes:


•        Place making - public domain

•        Traffic, policy, development

•        Partnerships – education, heath, business sector

•        Sector development – retail, industrial, touris, sport, community / NFP

•        Business support / job growth

•        Advocacy


Suggested projects:


•        Retail study

•        Night time economy study

•        Website development

•        Trade expo

•        Parking Study

•        Apprenticeship schemes

•        Education

•        Better pedestrian experience

•        Retail – retaining and attracting

•        Supporting Businesses

•        Hotel accommodation

•        Health

•        Business sector

•        Retail

•        Industrial

•        Tourism

•        Sport

•        Education – University campus

•        Attracting new businesses


Mr C Edmondson advised there are still two Committee member vacancies.


Additional suggested priorities:


•        Parking strategy

•        Survey to capture local business owners views for future of the LGA

•        Networking events to create an Action Plan

•        work with health providers, educational institutions, business communities and other community groups

•        small town centres and light industrial areas

•        attracting hotel accommodation in the LGA


It was resolved that Ryde Traffic Management Association be invited to a future meeting to activate a series of strategies.








7.     St George Business Chamber

The President, Mr A Zreik discussed an upgrade to Forest Road Hurstville.

The General Manager, Ms G Connolly informed of an MOU partnership with the Chamber to deliver 8 annual events for LGA businesses.   

It was resolved that Mr A Zreik and Ms Nancy Liu liaise to encourage participation from the Chinese community.


8.     General Business

There was no other general business.

The next Economic Development Committee meeting is scheduled for 6pm on 20 February 2017 at Hurstville Civic Centre, Level 1, Meeting Room 2, MacMahon Street Hurstville.

Committee Recommendations

(a)     That the information be received and noted.

(b)     That feedback be provided by committee members and any matters arising prior to the next scheduled meeting, 20 February 2017

(c)     That a scoping paper outlining the key elements of a Draft Economic Development Strategy be presented at the next meeting.



The meeting closed at 8.00pm.


Minutes confirmed 5 December 2016.