Community Development and Services Advisory

Notice of Meeting


Monday, 14 November 2016


8 November 2016


Mr John Rayner


A Community Development and Services Advisory Committee will be held at Kogarah Civic Centre, on Monday, 14 November 2016 for consideration of the business available on Council's website






Gail Connolly

General Manager







1.      Apologies

3.      Disclosures of Interest

4.      Reports from Council Officers


Community Development and Services Advisory


Monday, 14 November 2016


Community and Culture

COM007-16       Aged & Disability Activities and Programs

(Report by Community Development Officer – Ageing and Disability, Maria Athanasopoulos)............................................................................................................ 2

COM008-16       Youth Development Report on Activities

(Report by Youth Services Officer, Angus Megarrity).............................................. 4

COM009-16       Multicultural Services - Community Development Initiatives

(Report by Multicultural and Indigenous Development Officer, Jamal Bassam) 7

COM010-16       COM001- 16 Community Safety Initiatives

(Report by Community Development Officer – General, Daniela Oliveiro)....... 14

COM011-16       Community Grants

(Report by Coordinator Community Development, Nicolas Best)....................... 15   


Georges River Council – Community Development Advisory Committee -  Monday, 14 November 2016                Page 1





1.      Apologies 

2.      Disclosure of Interest

3.      Reports from Council Officers

Georges River Council – Community Development Advisory Committee -  Monday, 14 November 2016                Page 2

Community and Culture

Item:                   COM007-16       Aged & Disability Activities and Programs  

Author:              Community Development Officer – Ageing and Disability, Maria Athanasopoulos

Directorate:      Community and Culture




(a)     That the report be received and noted.


Executive Summary

1.      Council’s Community Development Officers-Aged and Disability coordinate a range of community development activities for seniors and people with disability in the Georges River community. The following is a summary of recent and upcoming events.


International Day of People with Disability

2.      International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD) is celebrated on 3 December annually and aims to promote an understanding of people with disability, as well as promoting inclusiveness and raising awareness of disability and access issues.

3.      Georges River Council, in partnership with Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre (KCAC), Ability Links, Wesley Mission and Sunnyfield, will be hosting an event on 30 November 2016 from 11.00am to 2.00pm at the KCAC’s in Kingsgrove.

4.      The day will host a variety of activities from local service providers for people of all abilities to participate in and enjoy. There will be entertainment throughout the day from people with all abilities showcasing the talent within Georges River community as well as food, drinks and lucky door prizes. 

5.      On this day KCAC will also be launching a new Art Therapy Program for people with disabilities.

6.      Georges River Council’s Administrator Mr John Rayner OAM will be conducting the opening ceremony speech.


Disability Inclusion Action Plan

7.      New South Wales is currently undergoing a period of major reform in the disability sector which includes an ongoing commitment to improving inclusion for people with disability.

8.      Every NSW Local Government Council is required by the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 (DIA) to develop a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) by 1 July 2017.

9.      A DIAP Reference Group is currently being set up. Membership will include people with disability and staff from organisations that provide services to people with disability.

10.    External consultations have commenced with people in the community who identify as having a disability. Further public consultations will be scheduled at the sites of disability services providers as well as in the Kogarah and Hurstville Libraries.

11.    There are also plans for internal consultation in order for Council staff with and without a disability are able to provide feedback on how Georges River Council can become a more inclusive place to live, work and visit. 


Financial Implications

12.    Within budget allocation.







Georges River Council – Community Development Advisory Committee -  Monday, 14 November 2016                Page 4

Item:                   COM008-16       Youth Development Report on Activities  

Author:              Youth Services Officer, Angus Megarrity

Directorate:      Community and Culture



(a)     That the information be received and noted


Executive Summary

1.      Council’s Youth Development Officers coordinate a range of community development activities for young people aged twelve to twenty four years and their families in Georges River Council Local Government Area (LGA). Planning is undertaken in accordance with identified community need and priorities outlined within Council’s strategic planning documents.  Recent and upcoming projects are outlined below.



2.      Recent and upcoming projects

Georges River Council High Schools Forum

On Thursday 8 September the Georges River Council High Schools Forum was held in the Kanyana and Wandarah Rooms at the Hurstville Entertainment Centre. The forum brought together over 20 local youth services organisations who work directly for the holistic health and wellbeing of young people and their families along with over 50 welfare teachers and other faculty representatives from thirteen local high schools across St George. The forum is a professional development event for key schools based staff to gain up to date, detailed information on the range of support services available to them, their students and their broader schools communities. Additionally the forum showcased a range of presentations on key topics relevant to High Schools including Anti-Social and Extremist Behaviour, upcoming impacts of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), scope of programs and services from headspace and Council’s Public Space, Everyone’s Place presentations.

Public Space, Everyone’s Place Presentations

In September Council’s Youth Development Officer, in partnership with 3 Bridges Community’s Youth Zone Switch Program, delivered Council’s Public Space, Everyone’s Place presentation to two groups of year 8 and 9 boys from Hurstville Boys High and Peakhurst High School (55 students total). The presentation consults with young people on their uses of public space and requires participants to think about how they and their peer’s behaviour in public can impact other community members, perceptions of community safety and perceptions of young people more broadly. Approx. 300 young people have participated in public space presentations over the past 18 months.

Short Stuff Youth Film Festival

The Short Stuff Youth Film Festival Awards Night and public screening are due to be held on Friday 11 November at Event Cinemas Hurstville. A full house of 160 people is expected for the event. 2016 saw a record number of 13 teams comprising over 40 young film makers working to create their short films in a 48 hours between September 23-25 with 11 teams getting over the line to complete their films in the allocated timeframe and progressing to the judging stage of the festival. Short Stuff is Southern Sydney’s premier skills development and cultural development event utilising storytelling through film making as a vehicle to broadcast the voice of young people and their experiences, wants and needs in our community.

Basketball Knockout

On Friday 30 September over 150 people attended Council’s Basketball Knockout competition at Hogben Park in Kogarah. Approx. 70 young players from across the LGA, including for the first time 6 female players, participated in the competition with spectators reflective of our diverse community demography enjoying the games and supporting the teams. Healthy smoothies were provided for players supporting messages of positive health and wellbeing. All participants were provided with a pack of information including contact details for key youth service providers, information on health and wellbeing and flyers promoting a range of Council programs and event.

Outdoor Film Screening (Hogben Park)

Following on from the Basketball Knockout event a free public screening of Inside Out was held as an outdoor cinema event for families in Hogben Park. Approx. 30 people stayed to view the film including several families with small children.

Healthy Minds Expo

The annual Healthy Minds Expo was held in Westfield Hurstville’s centre court on Wednesday 12 October. Council’s Youth Development Officer was heavily involved in the planning of the event and staffed Council’s information stall on the day. The event showcased 22 local service providers who work in the field of mental health, community development and general health and wellbeing. Over 600 community members engaged with services at the event and provided positive feedback on the messages linked to the event.

International Games Day

Hurstville Library’s Youth Librarian in partnership with Council’s Youth Development Officer, have planned the delivery of Council’s annual International Games Day event at Hurstville Library on Saturday 19 November. The event operates as a youth culture expo with an artist alley made up of professional and local emerging anime and game design artists showcasing their work and providing tips and tutorials to attendees, cosplayers displaying their craft and workshopping with attendees, board game demonstrations, miniature based games demos and painting workshops and trading card game tournaments. The event will be hosted in the Hurstville Library exhibition space and is expected to attract over 500 attendees.

Halloween Film Night

Kogarah Library will host the Youth Advisory Committee’s Halloween Film Night on Friday 4 November for young people aged 10+. Young people are invited to watch Coraline (10 years+) and The Grudge (15 years+) in a supervised environment.


Financial Implications

3.      Within budget allocation.





Georges River Council – Community Development Advisory Committee -  Monday, 14 November 2016                Page 6

Item:                   COM009-16       Multicultural Services - Community Development Initiatives  

Author:              Multicultural and Indigenous Development Officer, Jamal Bassam

Directorate:      Community and Culture



(a)     THAT the information be received and noted.


Executive Summary

1.      This report is a summary of recent and proposed community development initiatives that engage culturally and linguistically diverse communities and promote understanding, respect and building social cohesion in the community.


Job Skills Day

2.      Council in partnership with other organisations in the region supported the annual Job Skills Day which was organised in Hurstville last month targeting new migrants and refugees in the region. 

3.      Council is a major sponsor of the Job Skills Day which was held on 15 September 2016 at Navitas Hurstville. It is an annual event organised by members of the Employment, Training and English Learning Action Network. The event aims to provide recently arrived migrants and refugees with information and resources about existing employment and training opportunities to enhance referral processes. It also aims to increase job seekers knowledge of the Australian workforce culture and to improve their job application and interview processes.

4.      The day was a success and over 240 visited the 26 stall holders representing service providers, job networks, small businesses and local councils including Georges River Council.

5.      Council supports the network and strives to promote the benefits of a diverse workforce amongst local employers. Council also provides financial support to the production of the English Classes Directory and the Employment and Training Pathway Directory.


Nepalese Community Profile

6.      Council is undertaking a research project into the Nepalese community in the area as part of Council’s engagement program with diverse cultural communities.

7.      Council undertakes community consultations on a regular basis to identify and review community needs and aspirations and to enhance Council's engagement with the community and assist with forward planning.

8.      Council is committed to support small and emerging communities in the area and demographic data tells us that the Nepalese community is one of the fastest growing emerging communities in the Georges River Council Area. The current research project includes meetings with community leaders and members, surveys and focus groups and analysis of data and existing reports. 

9.      The outcomes of these consultations will be complied in a community profile. The community profile will contain of an overview of the local Nepalese community, their characteristics, demographics, cultural values, issues and the challenges faced by the local community.

10.    The aim of the profile is to inform Council’s corporate plans and projects of community challenges and to find ways of enhancing service delivery to the community.


Review of English Classes Directory

11.    Council recently produced a Directory on English Classes available in St George and Sutherland regions. The aim of the Directory is to assist residents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in accessing classes to improve their English languages skills so they are more able to access mainstream services and fully participate in the local community. 

12.    The focus on improving the English language skills for migrant communities has been as a high priority in past community consultations. Council partnered with 3Bridges Community to produce a Directory that contains information about English classes available in St George and Sutherland regions that are run by volunteer local community centres, churches and mainstream providers.

13.    The main aim of the project is to assist culturally and linguistically diverse residents to improve their English language skills so they can access services such as Council, libraries, schools, government services and other services and eventually gain employment.  

14.    The feedback received from service providers indicates that the directory is a vital resource for CALD communities in particular recently arrived migrants and is in high demand so ongoing support of the Directory is important.


International Women's Day 2017

15.    In celebration of International Women’s Day, Council is planning to host a morning tea on 8 March 2017 to bring together women of all ages and backgrounds from all over the Georges River Council area.

16.    International Women's Day forms an integral part of Council's calendar to spread the awareness of women’s empowerment, their roles and achievements. Over the years, the Women’s Day celebration has evolved and embraced culture and ethnicity to emerge as a celebration of appreciation of diversity, women's rights, respect and equality.

17.    The event will involve a panel discussion with inspiring migrant women entrepreneurs discussing how, despite all obstacles, they only saw their vision.

18.    The morning tea aims to inspire women to develop financial independency and to empower themselves and each other. Guest speakers will share their stories, their challenges and their aspirations.

19.    The program will also include a fashion parade celebrating traditional dress from around the world, in addition to performances that reflect the occasion.

20.    Any donations on the day raised are to go towards supporting a local women’s refuge.


Multicultural Operational Plan

21.    Council’s Multicultural Operational Plan aims to improve access to services, remove barriers and promote awareness of cultural diversity in Georges River Council Area.

22.    As part of Council's commitment to enhance service delivery to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, an Operational Plan (attached) was produced in recent years based on the principles of multiculturalism to ensure recognition of cultural diversity and to improve service response to the CALD community.

23.    Council’s Multicultural and Indigenous Development Officer has a role in monitoring progress of the Plan and reviewing it annually to identify and focus on key projects for the next twelve months, consistent with Council's social and cultural strategic direction.


‘Reflecting And Taking Action’ Working Together Multicultural Network Forum IV

24.     Council has taken a partnership role in the organising committee for the fourth in the       ‘Working Together’ series, discussing ‘Are We Working Better Together?’ and ‘Taking        Action’. The forum is planned for Wednesday 16 November at Sutherland College Loftus TAFE Campus Rawson Ave, Sutherland


25.    The aim of the forum is to strengthen partnerships and build capacity for multicultural        sector workers in the community


Financial Implications

26.    Within budget allocation.


File Reference






Attachment View1

Multicultural Operational Plan


Georges River Council - Community Development Advisory Committee - Monday, 14 November 2016

COM009-16         Multicultural Services - Community Development Initiatives

[Appendix 1]         Multicultural Operational Plan



Page 9


Georges River Council - Multicultural Operational Plan 2016/2017

The Operational Plan is an annual actions sitting within the Local Government Multicultural Planning Framework that is based on the principles of multiculturalism. The purpose of the Plan is to improve access, remove barriers and promote awareness of cultural diversity of Georges River Council Area.

The Operational Plan allows a review process to occur which will inform forward planning for the next twelve months period. The review process enables Council to be flexible in responding to changes caused by demographic trends and input and feedback from the community.



Action Description

Time Frame


Performance Measure

1.Planning and evaluation

1.1 planning for a diverse community


review and update CALD Consultation Framework

November 2016

·  update Council ‘Engagement Framework working with CALD community’

·  adaptation of the Framework

·  feedback

·  partnerships

engage the community in creation of projects that builds sense of belonging


·  provision of a range of cultural events that promotes diversity eg. Lunar New Year, Diwali Festival, Latin American Festival

·  number of programs delivered

·  promotion

·  partnerships

·  community input

·  evaluation

1.2 knowing the local multicultural community


conduct community consultations with small and emerging community to understand and identify their emerging needs

August – October 2016

·  report on community consultations

·  ensure it feeds into Council’s planning

·  produce a community profile about the Nepalese community

·  surveys

·  community feedback

·  statistics analysis

·  reporting

organise an Open Day for recently arrived migrants and refugees in the area

November 2016

·  engaged with new arrivals

·  promote Council's role and services

·  promotion

·  number of participants

·  feedback

·  engagement levels 

2. Program and Service Delivery

2.1 valuing cultural diversity


·  organise multicultural gathering

·  community development initiatives and events

March 2017


June 2017

·  International Women's Day

·  Harmony Day event

·  marking Refugee Week

·  feedback

·  services and groups engagement

·  diversity of participants

·  promotion of events

2. 2 building partnerships


continue existing and develop new partnerships







September 2016

October 2016

·  improving service delivery

·  create opportunities to linking CALD community with Council and services

·  St George Sutherland Jobs Skills Day

·  St George Migrant Information Day

·  number of partnerships

·  agreed actions with stakeholders

·  number of CALD groups reached

·  number of visitors to Council's Stalls

·  number of publications were distributed at events

2.3 keep up-to-date on CALD community issues & government policies affecting CALD community

·  networking,

·  understanding and learning

·  participate in local, state and national forums




·  identify services and networks

·  address community issues

·  report back on forums

·  LG Multicultural Network

·  Working Together Forum

·  number of interagencies, meetings attended

·  participation at Forums and Networks

·  feedback, responses


3.1 staff cultural competency

·  bilingual staff recruitment, utilisation

·  Council’s (Language Aide Program)


·  strong linkage with the community

·  review Language Aide Policy

·  identify languages needed

·  encourage staff linguistic skills

·  number of Language Aide Officers

·  number of requests/queries  received

·  feedback about opportunities and challenges 

·  identify staff cultural intelligence training needs

April 2017

·  review cultural intelligence training needs

·  staff feedback

·  number of attendees

·  number of sessions organized


4. Communications

4.1 increase participation

identify and improve tools to enhance engagement with residents from CALD backgrounds






·  community consultations

·  service providers feedback

·  communications with representatives from diverse cultures

·  engagement tools

·  feedback

·  actions followed


Review multilingual ‘Welcome’ signage in customer service area

June 2017

·  reproduce ‘Welcome’ signage

·  support a project for a warm welcome of people from CALD backgrounds

·  feedback

·  promotion

4.2 facilitate information for CALD community

·  promote Council’s Language Aide Program and Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS)






·  review Language Aide Policy

·  promote the Program & TIS


·  report to Council

·  number of requests/queries  received


·  review Council publications and monitor the need for bilingual information 




May 2017

·  promote Council  multilingual resources

·  upload online translated materials

·  review and update English Classes Directory

·  community feedback

·  service providers input

·  number of copies distributed

5. Funded Services

5.1 support CALD community projects

·  seek financial recourses

·  advocate on needs

·  find out how CALD community groups can grow



·  fund community projects

·  review/priorities needs

·  develop partnerships

·  annual review

·  number of issues raised

·  actions

·  Community feedback

·  number of partnerships


Georges River Council – Community Development Advisory Committee -  Monday, 14 November 2016                Page 13

Item:                   COM010-16       COM001- 16 Community Safety Initiatives 

Author:              Community Development Officer – General, Daniella Oliveiro

Directorate:      Community and Culture



(a)     That the report be received and noted


Executive Summary

1.      This report provides an update on current Community Safety initiatives.


Domestic Violence Awareness Project

2.      Artwork with a domestic violence awareness message has been printed on 25,000 disposable coffee cups. The artwork was produced by local young people as part of a competition and chosen by Council in partnership with St George Domestic Violence Committee in September 2016.

3.      The cups will be used by participating cafes during the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women from 25 November to 10 December 2016. The cups will be distributed to participating cafes in the St George area. 21,000 cups have been committed to 34 participating cafes as at 3 November 2016, with more cafes expected prior to 23 November 2016.

4.      An official launch community event ‘Conversations over Coffee’ at Kogarah Library and Cultural Centre on 23 November 2016 will mark the commencement of the awareness campaign.  Guest speakers for the community event will include a woman with lived experience of domestic violence, the Manager of the NSW Domestic Violence Information Line and the Chair of the St George Domestic Violence Committee.


Seniors Online Safety Community Information Session

5.      On 27 October 2016 Georges River Council, in partnership with St George Local Area Command, conducted an information session on Online Security at the St George Community Centre.

6.      Senior Constable Ray Kerridge covered topics including identity theft, types of fraud, how to report ID theft, how to protect yourself and what to do if you become a victim.

7.      The information session was attended by 22 people, most of who were senior citizens. Overall the feedback received by attendees was overwhelmingly positive.


Financial Implications

8.      Within budget allocation.





Georges River Council – Community Development Advisory Committee -  Monday, 14 November 2016                Page 14

Item:                   COM011-16       Community Grants 

Author:              Coordinator Community Development, Nicolas Best

Directorate:      Community and Culture



(a)     That the report on Council’s community grants program be received and noted.


Executive Summary

1.      In 2016/17 the Georges River Community Grants Program will provide a total of $200,000 which will be made available to local community groups to apply for grants of up to $10,000 each for community projects and assistance for capital works in the areas of community development, culture and arts development, environment and sports clubs.

2.      The Stronger Communities Fund has been established by the NSW Government to kick start the delivery of projects which will improve community infrastructure and services. In Georges River Council $1 million will be available to local community groups to apply for grants of up to $50,000.


3.      Applications for both of the 2016/17 grant streams were separated in four categories: Community Development, Cultural and Arts Development, Environment and Conservation and Sports and Recreation. Applications for the Georges River Community Grants Program closed on Friday 16 September 2016.

4.      A total of 63 applications for the Stronger Communities Fund were received, with funding requests totalling $2,389,888.

5.      The 2016/17 Grants Program Assessment Panel met on 5 October 2016 to assess the applications for the Stronger Communities Fund stream.  Membership of the Panel included State Members of Parliament or their nominated representative; the Regional Coordinator of the Department of Premier and Cabinet; the General Manager; an independent probity advisor; one former Councillor from the former Hurstville Council and one former Councillor from the former Kogarah Council.

6.      The 2016/17 Grants Program Assessment Panel made a recommendation to Council for 27 Stronger Communities Fund applications to be funded, with funding requests totalling $1 million. This recommendation has been put forward for approval at the 7 November 2016 regular Council meeting.

7.      Once Council approves the allocation of the Stronger Communities Fund it is planned for the Administrator to officially allocate funding at a ceremony to be held in late November.

8.      A total of 66 applications were received for the Georges River Community Grant Program, with funding requests totalling $408,781.

9.      The 2016/17 Grants Program Assessment Panel is scheduled to meet in late November to assess the applications and provide a recommendation to Council.


Financial Implications

10.    Within budget allocation.