Major Events Advisory Committee



Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Council Members

Councillor Christina Wu (Chair)

Councillor Vince Badalati

Councillor Nick Katris

Councillor Colleen Symington

Community Representatives

Mr David Dawson

Mr Dominic Sin (left meeting at 6.15pm)

Council Staff

Ms Margaret Le, Manager Communications, Customer Service and Events

Ms Melinda McNaughton, Acting Coordinator Events

Ms Samantha Glanville, Coordinator Events

Mr Andrew Williams, Coordinator Entertainment Centre

Ms Vicky Wong, Events Officer (Minute Taker)



The Major Events Advisory Committee Chairperson, Councillor Christina Wu, opened the meeting at 5:00pm.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Chairperson acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land, the Biddegal people.


Apologies were passed on from Councillor Nancy Liu, Annie Tang and David Tuxford – Director Community & Culture

Disclosure of Interest

There were no disclosures of interest made.

Minutes of previous meetings

Major Events Advisory Committee - 21 November 2017

RECOMMENDATION       Councillor Katris and Councillor Badalati

That the Minutes of the Major Events Advisory Committee held on 21 November 2017 be adopted.


Council Reports

MAJ001-17       Lunar New Year Festival 2018 - event planning updates

(Report by Manager Communications, Customer Service and Events)

Recommendation    Councillor Badalati and Councillor Katris

a)    That the Georges River Council Major Events Advisory Committee (MEAC) receives and notes this report which provides event planning updates for Council’s Lunar New Year Festival 2018 on Forest Road, Hurstville,

b)    That the MEAC reviews the applications received by Council for performers and stall holders for Lunar New Year Festival 2018 and makes recommendations,

c)     That to ensure the overall safety for attendees, Council staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers, all recommended stall holders are sent an information pack outlining compliance requirements for food safety and Work, Health Safety as well as the penalties to stall holders should Council officers deem any non-compliance issues at the event,

d)    That Council officers hold meetings with recommended food stall holders as required, to ensure understanding of compliance requirements prior to the event date,

e)    That recommended stall holders are charged the three-tiered fee structure for their street stall site, as per Council’s adopted fees and charges 2017/18 which is:

a.     $300 – full fee

b.     $225 -  includes 25% discount for Local Businesses within LGA

c.     $180 – includes 40% discount for Non-Profit and Community Groups within LGA

        and any extra Event Management Provisions requested by the stall holders on their     applications are to be charged in accordance with Council’s adopted fees and charges.

f)      That the MEAC endorses the professional entertainers proposed for the night time entertainment program, with the order of the entertainment to be determined by Council officers.



The Meeting was closed at 6:35pm.