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Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Tuesday, 12 December 2017



A Meeting of the Major Events Advisory Committee will be held at 5.00pm on Wednesday,

13 December 2017 in the River Room, Level 1, Georges River Civic Centre, corner Dora

and MacMahon Streets, Hurstville for the consideration of the business available on

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David Tuxford

Director Community and Culture




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Ordinary Meeting

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Previous Minutes

MINUTES: Major Events Advisory Committee - 21 November 2017 (17/2899)

Council Reports

MAJ001-17        Lunar New Year Festival 2018 - event planning updates

(Report by Manager Communications, Customer Service and Events)............... 2   


Georges River Council – Ordinary Meeting -  Wednesday, 13 December 2017                                                               Page 2

Committee Reports

Item:                   MAJ001-17        Lunar New Year Festival 2018 - event planning updates 

Author:              Manager Communications, Customer Service and Events

Directorate:      Community and Culture

Matter Type:     Council Reports


(a)     That the Georges River Council Major Events Advisory Committee (MEAC) receives and notes this report which provides event planning updates for Council’s Lunar New Year Festival 2018 on Forest Road, Hurstville,

(b)     That the MEAC reviews the applications received by Council for performers and stall holders for Lunar New Year Festival 2018 and makes recommendations,

(c)     That the MEAC endorses the professional entertainers proposed for the night time entertainment program.

Executive Summary

1.      This report provides the MEAC with event planning updates for Lunar New Year Festival on Forest Road, Hurstville to be held on Saturday 10 February 2018.


2.      At the MEAC meeting on 1 November 2017, the Committee requested:

That Council investigates a high profile entertainer for the 2018 Lunar New Year Festival entertainment program.

A suitably qualified professional Sydney-based male singer with band by the name of Leslie and a suitably qualified professional Perth-based signer with band by the name of Jessica are recommended as the headline acts for Lunar New Year Festival. At the time of writing this report, only Leslie’s profile was made available:


3.      At the MEAC meeting on 13 November, the Committee recommended that Council adopts the criteria listed below for the equitable selection of stall holders to give priority to stallholders that;

i.          provide products or services that are sourced or based within the Local Government Area,

ii.         provide products or services that showcase the best of the Local Government Area,

iii.        provide products or services that are not duplicated by the permanent shops on the festival site,

iv.        have products or services with high level presentation and professionalism to enhance the visual amenity of the festival,

v.         have original, creative and innovative products or services,

vi.        have products or services that are appropriate to the theme and intent of the festival, including accessible price points for the local community,

vii.       meet a set ratio of services, products and food vendors,

viii.      are sponsors of the festival,


At this meeting the MEAC also recommended that Council allocates a maximum of five free stalls to non profit service providers that service the Georges River Local Government Area as part of the stall holder selection criteria above and that the Committee will select these stall holders and report back to Council.


4.      At the MEAC meeting on 13 November 2017, the Committee requested:

That all entertainment, stall-holder and media advertisement applications are to be presented to the committee for endorsement.

Expressions of interest for both stallholders and performers closed 8 December 2017. This was the extended deadline recommended by the MEAC to provide an additional two weeks to increase the opportunity for stallholders and community groups to submit their applications. Council received expressions of interest from 22 performer groups. Council received expressions of interest from 51 stalls. Using the stallholder selection criteria above, the full list of stallholders and performers is presented to the Committee for review and recommendation during the meeting.


5.      At the Traffic Management Committee meeting on 5 December 2017, it was recommended:

That the proposed temporary closure of Forest Road between Queens Road and Treacy Street, Hurstville from midnight Friday 9th February 2018 to 1:00 am Sunday 11th February 2018 to facilitate the 2018 Hurstville Lunar New Year Street Festival be approved subject to RMS and Police consent.


6.      A verbal update will be provided to the MEAC on following elements of the Lunar New Year Festival 2018:

a)   $64,000 incoming financial sponsorship received to date (Note: Expression of interest closes 12 January 2018)

b)   Official proceedings and draft event run sheet

c)   Entertainment program and activities including fireworks proposal

d)   Street parade including floats

e)   Festival site layout (stage, stalls, parade route)

f)    Security and traffic management

g)   Guest list


Financial Implications

7.      Additional non-budgeted funds to be determined once all elements of Lunar New Year Festival have been determined by the MEAC so that updated costings can occur.


Community Engagement

8.      Community engagement will be conducted by way of a business notification letterbox drop to directly affected businesses at least two weeks prior to the event date, as part of Council’s usual event management process.


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